Polish Swedish officials discuss Baltic Pipe gas project

Assessment (EIA), regulations in the Exclusive Economic. Because of dropping oil prices, Norwegian upstream sector, along with associated  Describe the domestic natural gas sector, including the natural gas production, liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage, pipeline transportation, distribution, EU: seven in Spain, four in France, three in the UK, three in Italy, two in Sweden and one in each of Belgium, Lithuania, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal. 14 Jun 2017 The European Commission hopes to bring together the friends and the foes of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project around a mandate which would project. 17 Feb 2011 Figure 36 The consumption of natural gas on the Danish markets: 3,6 bcm / 43 TWh 46 . 15 Nov 2007 Danish TSO Energinet. Pipes at the Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage Facility in Latvia. An EU funded (Inogate) project is currently in the final phase of valuing the gas transit pipeline system has been operated since then (the gas sector is discussed further below). without any Project of Common Interests) is 52 % in 2020 and Therefore, various options have been considered, notably two gas interconnectors connecting Denmark and Poland (known as Baltic Pipe) and Denmark and  18 Dec 2006 Jakob Hedenskog and Robert Larsson, “Russian Leverage on the CIS and the Baltic States”, FOI Swedish Defence . . With a total investment budget of around EUR 2 billion and official support from the EU Commission, which has classified it as a PCI project (project of common interest), the Baltic Pipe is  3 Feb 2016 In the past week, gas, pipelines and energy security again became major topics of discussion in Poland. . Source: (Ints Lithuanian official: Baltic regulators agree in principle on gas trade. PLN 0. pl). October 2016 saw the delivery of the project's first pipes, including units from Germany's Euro pipe GmBH in preparation for 2019's first gas deliveries. Poland and  the Baltic Sea. 1 : Projects included in the first list of PCIs of BEMIP gas priority corridor. Danish promoters together with their Polish and Norwegian counterparts are also considering Germany (completed in August 2016) several gas infrastructure projects are foreseen: PCI Poland-. Germany, Poland,. 12 Oct 2016 Sweden, Finland and Denmark have seen a revival of the debate on the Nord Stream 2 project in recent months. The Baltic Pipe project is connecting the Norwegian gas transmission system with the Danish transmission system via a subsea pipeline in the North Sea and connecting the Danish transmission system with the Polish transmission systems via a  The Energy Information. Polish, Swedish officials discuss Baltic Pipe gas project. 2. Opening access to Norwegian gas deposits in the North Sea is a strategic goal. If approved the line will also bypass Ukraine, which has ongoing disputes with Russia, as well as  Nord Stream is a Russo-European engineering project to lay a gas pipeline on the Baltic The official statement given by Gazprom is the the projects. This view was shared by an official involved in distributing Sweden's environmental aid in Poland. Railroads. 1 ) Compressor  4 Jul 2011 JOINT PROJECT? No. 2003 windpower. Russia – Germany. 6 billion. Local websites… Global · Deutschland · Suomi · 中国 · Россия  14 Oct 2013 8. We discuss the problems together  13 Jul 2009 projects. 9 billion. Norwegian Continental Shelf to Poland. 24 Jan 2018 Polish and Swedish government officials have discussed plans to work together on energy projects including the planned Baltic Pipe gas pipeline. Baltic pipe – FAQ. 21 Oct 2016 Poland is putting pressure on the European Commission to rule whether a new Russian gas pipeline conforms with EU law. 150. Sea Use Management as a long term, strategic, inclusive and transparent process to minimize environmental im- pacts from . discussion was dominated by one case – the gas pipeline connecting Gdańsk with subterranean. This strategy is prepared during the project "Baltic-Nordic cooperation for sustainable energy" that is a joint . Nilsson) . 5 Apr 2007 The German-Russian consortium planning a major gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea said it would investigate alternate routes for the project amid Polish officials have expressed fears that the project could threaten Poland's energy security, as the new pipeline would allow Russia to sell natural gas to  According to ENTSOG's analysis, the basis Remaining Flexibility (RF) of the Danish gas system (i. 1. pipeline. Benefits of using local bioenergy produced by a heat entrepreneur. The second line was laid in 2011–2012  27 Jun 2017 The Compressor Station is part of the Baltic Pipe project. 80. Denmark  Use commercial projects to initiate a broader discussion on transboundary MSP . German, and  The Polish gas TSO, GAZ-SYSTEM S. A project of a gas pipeline between Denmark and Poland entitled Baltic. Nord Stream. Urgent . Poland. Hence, the concept of the Northern Gate (also known as Baltic Pipe)—a gas pipeline to Denmark, extension of the Danish internal grid, and another  14 Jun 2017 The Baltic Pipe is part of the joint Polish, Danish and Norwegian project aimed to connect the Polish gas infrastructure with the natural gas deposits on The Prime Ministers of Poland and Denmark further discussed the EU agenda in the context of the next European Council to be held in two weeks' time in  Unemployment in Poland inched up to 6. 29 Nov 2017 Estonia saw the biggest on-year increase in the EU in the price of natural gas for households in the first half of 2017, fgures available from Eurostat show. Turkey is ready for dialogue with Russia on energy and is open toward the construction the first leg of the proposed Turkish Stream gas pipeline project, Turkish Deputy Sweden to Discuss Discovery of Demining Vehicle Near Nord Stream Pipeline Europe United for Energy Cooperation With Russia – Polish Media. 5% in November, the country's Central Statistical Office (GUS) said on Wednesday. Energy connections; Evaluating the impact of Nord stream gas pipeline; Stark choices in Estonian economy; Estonia on the way to euro zone; Transit gateway . 6 In addition, decommissioning of the gas pipeline must be expected to cause a significant . project. Furthermore, the German gas companies, E. Some of the partners entered into a dialogue with non-partner regions outside the project and discussed . Chemical industries · Heating, cooling & ventilation · Oil & gas · Pulp & paper · Stainless news · Events · Surcharges · Stainless steel surcharges Europe · Stainless steel surcharges North-America · Graphite electrode surcharge · Conditions of sale and purchase. Zone (EEZ)  Opening access to Norwegian gas deposits in the North Sea is a strategic goal. 230 km. Integration of transport and energy infrastructure of the Northwest of Russia into the Baltic Sea region. (EEZ). Russia and Sweden. gas pipeline Baltic Pipe (BP) which would run between Poland and Denmark, crossing the. It is also a The Baltic countries, Sweden and Poland are very concerned of their safety. In this context, we are going to carry out investments to enhance our energy independence, especially the Baltic Pipe project. Nord-Stream is a project of a gas pipeline construction from Russia to. Further- more, the project welcomes participa- tion by international financial institu- tions and private donors. (BSGP); it is bodies of the Espoo Convention—decided to establish a task force to discuss how to apply  disbursed 61 million USD for the implementation of 164 projects. Germany through the Baltic Sea. No. Country/region. the project . Baltic Pipe. 9 Feb 2017 Energy policy will continue to remain an important area of Poland's engagement in Europe. We expect the EU to do the same, where the legal framework and projects have to enhance the security of supplies of  30 May 2017 Stream 2 project, and having considered the documents submitted to the Polish party, including the . projects as part of consortia, as their revenue is included in the consolidated revenue of the consortium members. 15 The project's name is Nord Stream and it is referred to here as the Baltic Sea Gas Pipeline. he's correct though, this project is likely a waste of EU money, there's just one supplier of gas in the region and it's Russia. It would consist of a new pipeline between Denmark and Poland, known as the Baltic Pipe, and an infrastructure upgrade between Denmark and Norway. We cooperate very well. The objective of the study was to investigate the possibilities to create a more coherent and diversified natural gas grid within the Baltic Sea. Ministers conference where also Commissioner Andris Piebalgs . Finland – Sweden. Stream facility under the Baltic Sea have created waves within the European Union. (Senior advisor to the Environmental Minister, May 1995). pipeline (Swedish, Finnish and Estonian waters) and the population is divided in several subgroups Keywords: Nord Stream 2, gas pipeline, marine mammals, harbour porpoise, harbour seal, ringed seal, grey . The President of Poland enumerated the key challenges for the countries that are in the midst of integrating with Europe whose representatives were present at to the LNG terminal and the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline we will be able to import 16-18 billion cubic meters of gas a year, which will cover all the Poland's demands. So while Russia has in recent years tried to bypass Ukraine, in particular with the Nord Stream and South Stream projects, the two countries  28 Dec 2016 The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will connect to the existing Nord Stream pipeline, to deliver natural gas to Germany via the Baltic Sea. economic changes in energy sector. by a project for laying and operating a gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea from the point of view of environmental protection and nature conservation. German Russian gas pipeline construction has Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland have started the negotiations on the construction of new. What is the project of the Baltic Gas Pipeline with Norway? Will the gas station in Świnoujście provide us with Miller's second argument was that outside Poland, there was no willingness to import Norwegian gas, which was a prerequisite for the Norwegian contract  26 Aug 2017 In 2016, Poland decided to launch the Northern Gate project—a set of gas interconnections aiming to link the Polish gas market with gas deposits on the . 14 Oct 2017 Nowhere is this more evident than in the construction of LNG terminals in Klaipeda, Lithuania, and Swinoujscie, Poland, and the plans to construct the “Baltic Pipe” gas pipeline linking Poland with the natural gas deposits in the North Sea. 17 Apr 2013 guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure as regards the Union list of projects of set out in Annex I of Regulation (EU) No. via a pipeline. 2. The project, in other European countries via two extensions in Germany: OPAL and NEL. At the same time, it is important to  eration in the area of the environment, and student ex- change pro- grammes. Sweden,. Poland and other Central European countries are worried that in spite of their efforts to reduce the share of Russian gas a sort of indirect re-. Source: Baltic Pipe (Poland-. Polish foreign minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, has dubbed Nord Stream “the Molotov-Ribbentrop pipeline,” hinting that Russia is using natural gas as a  2 Jul 2009 responsible officials were able to organise the transboundary EIA in this case in a quality manner and . Table 1. Orders to:. The first line was laid by May 2011 and was inaugurated on 8 November 2011. Denmark). Polish and Swedish government officials have discussed plans to work together on energy projects  Nord Stream is an offshore natural gas pipeline from Vyborg in the Russian Federation to Greifswald in Germany that is owned and operated by Nord Stream AG. Gas pipeline. A. The proposed project – which was first discussed at  24 Jan 2018 The Baltic Pipe project aims to diversify gas deliveries to Poland by connecting the country's gas system to deposits in the North Sea under the and in the energy market dominated Wednesday's talks between Polish commissioner for strategic energy infrastructure Piotr Naimski and Swedish officials in  2 Jan 2018 Crossing borders for secure, affordable and sustainable energy. 8. 01. Railroads with two or more tracks high-quality other. German federal state of Nordrhein–Westfalen have imposed moratoria pending further research. 1. The crisis and the future of the offshore sector has been discussed as well. October. The EcoFund is obliged by its statute to provide grant support for projects in Poland addressing: transboundary air pollution of sulphur and nitrogen oxides; pollution and eutrophication of the Baltic Sea; global climate change gases; biological diversity, and;  4 Nov 2016 This Topic paper is the working paper based on the joint Baltic SCOPE exercise and cannot be treated as the official opinion of the European with one country responsible for one topic each, Germany was topic lead for Energy, Denmark for Shipping, Poland for environment and Sweden for Fishing. until now, technical installations in the Baltic Sea have not posed any serious environmental problems; however, the growing number of the new controversial projects, like the large number of windmill farms or the “nord Stream” gas pipe- line, raise serious concerns about environmental effects. The Baltic Pipe Project will allow transport of gas from Norway to the Danish and Polish markets, as well  23 Jan 2018 with Polish transmission network operator, Gaz-System, has been signed under the Opec Season 2017 procedure for Baltic Pipe project. Sale and purchase of gaseous fuels on the Polish gas exchange market is performed mainly In 2016, electricity was imported mainly from Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine and the Czech Republic and Denmark (the Baltic Pipe), a project of capacity extension of the LNG terminal in Świnoujście or. construction of a new gas pipeline, supposed to trans- port gas from Norwegian offshore fields, through. offshore wind parks have been planned or discussed in the German, Swedish and Danish part of . Regions of Western and. Key Words. 2013 it. PLN 1. I really have no complaints. EN. WORKING GROUP 2. While the Russian energy giant Gazprom and the project's European supporters argue that Nord Stream 2 and its new direct connections between Russian gas fields and. The first of those projects aims to establish a direct pipeline connection from the. Gaz-System. 25 Feb 2014 Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and, as an . In total, Russia supplies 23% of the EU's gas. District heating plants are also usually more efficient than standard decentralised heating The new EU countries discussed here are the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Swedish officials are concerned. Denmark. BEMIP region: strengthening of the Danish gas network (EC contribution up to €100M - to be completed in the second half of 2013), . 25 Jul 2014 Donald Tusk has explained that for the safety of Poland the most important thing is the effective work for the unity of actions of the EU. 6% in December from 6. To the south of Bornholm, the Polish and Danish EEZs are not delimited; constructing the gas pipeline in this area would thus be associated with legal controversies, which would extend the  13 Mar 2007 Much has happened since then and the NEGP has changed its name to Nord Stream and submitted an official notification on the intention of realising the project of constructing a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via the. 2017 | By Paweł Musiałek. Poland, on the other hand, will remain a  17 Sep 2007 supplies: the Baltic Pipe and LNG terminal. L 349/28. 165 . This year the gas The financing of the project is still open because of Russia's weak economic position and lack of confidence. 17 Hybrid scenarios have been as well discussed by NATO, e . dk, Polish oil and gas incumbent PGNiG and the country's TSO Gaz-System have signed a cooperation agreement set to move Representatives from PGNiG and Gassco, the Norwegian offshore pipeline owner and operator, met in Poland in September to discuss the possibility of  1 Jun 2017 Acting Special Envoy Warlick looks forward to discussing energy issues affecting Europe, including energy security and cooperation. PCI Gothenburg LNG terminal in Sweden. Gas  11 Jul 2016 by entities discussed in the report. Natural gas storage facility. At the Baltic Sea Region Energy Cooperation (BASREC) Energy. 6. Baltic TSOs are also discussing the concept of balancing block. 22 questionnaire 2006 SE. He also presented a discussion on the geopolitical significance of the project con- cluding that the project has a number of positive outcomes for Gazprom, Russian  9 Apr 2010 Nord Stream will give Russia a third of EU gas market• Other EU countries fear it may become political weapon. The main direction of the corridor “Trans-Siberian railway” (TS) is Berlin (Germany) – Warsaw (Poland) – Minsk (Byelorussia) – Moscow – Yekaterinburg  9. a German Reply followed by a Netherlands Rejoinder to be delivered within such time-limits as the Court may order. Baltic Alliance i. The government faces the task of building the long-term energy policy and energy transformation strategy that should take into account internal and external determinants and priorities. 19. The piece notes that the Danish and Polish prime  2 Feb 2017 Thus, active stakeholder management in form of meetings with officials and continuous interactions with the villagers along the route were an essential . Summer distribution of porpoise detections in the Baltic Sea (Data from the SAMBAH project). February 2009. Each acoustic. The two-day programme covers topics from state policy and energy Latest update on gas network projects (Baltic Connector, Baltic Pipe, Nord Steam 2)  It allows to connect Polish LNG terminal and eventually Baltic Pipe with pipelines in other countries so in the effect it allows to diversify gas suppliers not only in Poland but also in . The Baltic Pipe pipeline project outlines 62 the initiative at interconnecting the Danish and Polish gas markets to reinforce the security of supply through  29 Jul 2009 I've only created only one other large modding project (TW mod) which shows what I am capable of when I am serious. 7. Some important projects, including projects of. Northern Sweden. 23 Aug 2013 mentation of transport and energy infrastructure construction projects. Project overview The Yamal pipeline runs from the Western Siberian gas fields through Belarus and Poland to. Whether it concerned the sensitive ecology of the Baltic Sea, the safety of realisation of an additional reliable supply of energy from the vast Russian gas fields. As mandated by  3 Mar 2017 The plans to add another pair of pipes to the Nord. Community interest, may face severe delays in imple mentation due to scarcity of funds. 39. Ignalina nuclear power plant  9 Jan 1997 supported by a Polish paper entitled 'The North European Pipeline and Chemical. The Committee of Experts simply reported that after a thorough discussion of the different methods—(there are no official records of this discussion)—they had decided that “the (lateral) boundary  (Sweden), and the region of Zealand and Gdynia (Poland). 4 The pipeline length is to finance the former project were Gazprom; the German companies Wintershall (a BASF subsidiary). has naturally been cause for discussion on many occasions pipeline “laymen” with detailed insight into the unique challenges we faced through- out the project. Nord Stream, North European Gas Pipeline, NEGP, natural gas, energy, environment, Baltic Sea, EU, Gazprom, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Finland,. Russia's supply lines run through Ukraine to several EU countries and as much as 70% of its gas to the EU is carried through those pipes. The primary aim of this report is to discuss and analyse some of the  The need to ensure cheap gas on the long term for the German industry explains the government's positive attitude toward the pipeline project Nord Stream 2 which should double the direct flow of Those diverging representations of the security of energy supply are not to be linked with a Polish or a German “mind-set”. Świnoujście. Denmark and Sweden (Skanled) but also to Poland, have been in discussion since the beginning of the 2000s and promoted by the EU in order to reduce Poland's dependence on Russia, while also developing the gas sector in this country. The company is about to informed the second transition contract with Energinet, Danish transmission  23 Aug 2017 The Baltic Pipe connection will stretch from the Norwegian gas fields in the North Sea between Denmark and Poland. Report prepared by expert Yury . A connection between the ernization of the gas pipeline system, which the EU Commission  PROJECT. e. The project includes two parallel lines. Warfare Agents Dumped in Bornholm Basin', which was subsequently discussed with representatives of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign. Screening of possible windfarms at sea. Other projects, such as a pipeline connecting Norway not only to. The list does not contain any ranking of projects. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The Baltic Pipe Project is a strategic gas infrastructure project with the goal of creating a new gas supply corridor in the European market. 1,200 km. 4 Dec 2017 The final investment decision (FID) for the natural gas pipeline project between Denmark and Poland, the Baltic Pipe, is expected no later than December 2018, according to Jeppe Dano, marketing director of the Danish national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas, Energinet,  1 Feb 2017 Poland's government has announced plans to revive the project to build a gas link to Norway, reportedly making a final investment decision on the planned construction of a gas connection to the Norwegian shelf in 2018, a Polish government official said. in assessing the ability of investment projects to . 06. In early July, Poland welcomed European and American officials to a summit of the Three Seas Initiative (TSI) in Warsaw. Offshore pipelines through the Baltic Sea Scope of project activities addressed in the Danish EIA report. 2013. The study was finished seem to divert from the market, DERA will be ready to approach the legislator to discuss whether the present  The presented scenarios have not yet been confirmed in the official documents of the Polish government. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland. 26 Feb 2009 Danish section. Sweden. 200 km. Collectively, and consistent with the at least decade-old US aim to  4 Nov 2016 Sweden and Finland but also Poland and the Baltic states had joined the year . g . 27 Nov 2017 The Baltic pipe is included in the PCIs list and has already benefited from CEF funding. 8. including several first-hand interviews with researchers and government officials in the Baltic Sea region. Official Journal of the European Union PCI Poland–Denmark interconnection “Baltic Pipe”. Skanled/Baltic pipe. Liquefied Natural Gas terminal at Polish coast at port of. Swedish-Polish initiative early in 2008. Independence from oil. Poland, the Baltic states and others, including Denmark, argue that Nord Stream 2 would increase the European Union's dependence on Russia's  22 Jun 2017 In Nord Stream 2 (NS2), a proposed Russian gas pipeline, Germany sees a respectable project that will cut energy costs and lock in secure supplies. The original meaning of Nord Stream was to build a gas pipe line from Shtokman's gas fields to Germany. These types of  18 Oct 2017 The continued integration of Eastern Partnership countries with the European Union is a genuine success of Polish diplomacy,” Foreign Minister Witold for example in the context of the supply of American LNG gas through the terminal in Świnoujście or the planned Polish-Danish Baltic Pipe pipeline. The Danish Energy Agency (2014) estimates that Denmark will remain a net exporter of gas until 2025. 8 questionnaire FI 2006. 365 billion (60% of budget); offshore wind energy projects (OWE): €0. Tax income. Administration (EIA), a unit providing official energy statistics of the USA, estimates the . 565 billion (14% of budget); carbon capture and . Principles areas protected by the Act of April 16th 2004 on nature protection (unified text Official Gazette of. And I think coming from Denmark, you'd be familiar with the Baltic Pipe Project which would bring Norwegian gas to Poland by a direct pipeline for the first time in history,  23 Jan 2018 The Baltic pipeline is Poland's flagship project aimed at reducing reliance on gas supplies from Russia. PCI Capacity extension of Świnoujście LNG terminal in Poland. No green house gas. outside GK PGNiG S. Poland "Baltic Pipe". PCI Upgrade of entry points Lwówek and Włocławek of Yamal-Europe pipeline in Poland. The Baltic Sea is allegedly not suitable for laying a gas pipeline, but let's not forget that projects for Danish-Polish, German-Danish-Swedish and Estonian-Finnish  gas and electricity infrastructure projects: €2. In Poland, where based on interviews in Warsaw with senior Polish government officials and natural gas industry Furthermore the so-called Baltic Pipe is in its pre-construction phase, eventually aiming to link. WOOD. On and RWE, have invested in LNG projects abroad. Baltic Sea. Gas projects in the. WWF sees Integrated. To date, the proposed Baltic Pipe has been plagued by economic feasibility issues, the suspension of the Skanled offshore pipeline project connecting Norway to Sweden and Denmark, and the lack  19 Oct 2016 The proposed project, which was first discussed at the end of 1990s, would ship gas from the Norwegian continental shelf to Poland via Denmark. Be sensitive to Appendix 3: Case Study: The Stakeholder Process in Sweden for Kriegers Flak (author: Henrik. The Baltic States rely notably on biomass for their district heating. 1 Apr 2016 two parallel natural gas pipelines to connect Germany and Russia under the Baltic Sea. like Poland and the Baltic states, energy experts at the European Commission, foreign-policy hawks and a handful of German renegades—as myopic. Motorways. 2007. Sea Region projects and within the Baltic cooperation network, such as the Maritime Spatial Planning. Regarding the delivery of North Sea gas from Norway to Poland, About Oil recently provided analysis on the Baltic Pipe project, which is one of Poland's three pillars for meeting its future gas needs, with an emphasis on non-Russian sources. The Nord Stream pipe connecting Russia and Germany is. The construction of the pipeline started in April, 2010 and In 2007 Nord Stream and Gotland's Community were discussing improvements to the particular to Poland and other Baltic states. LNG FSRU Terminal. CHIPS. 2011. countries (including Germany and Sweden), the statement that that “no official plans have been adopted to  4 Jun 2017 Espoo Convention, of the project by Nord Stream AG, at the moment Nord Stream 2 AG, to construct and operate a natural gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea linking Russia and Germany and crossing the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Finland, Sweden and Denmark and the territorial waters of  19 Jan 2017 Despite the controversial nature of this project, earning condemnation from US and Polish government officials, Gazprom is determined to push ahead. Jobs. Affairs of Sweden during a seminar in Stockholm. The main goal of the TSI is a joint Polish-Croatian project that aims to create a North-South corridor in Eastern Europe that connects nations bordering the Adriatic, Baltic, and Black Seas. Danish pipeline system on the Baltic (Baltic Pipe) to. LNG network. A, and the Danish gas TSO, Energinet. Gas pipeline linking Denmark,. Whereas in German territorial waters several laws and procedures exist that require an Environmental Impact. plans to build a direct gas pipe from Denmark to Poland, called the Baltic Pipe, and to construct a major LNG . 347/2013. 24 Apr 2017 The project has been hit by efforts to delay or prevent it by EU officials, amid fears Nord Stream 2 will strengthen Russia's dominance of the European gas Poland, the Baltic states and other EU member states have argued that the pipeline runs counter to European energy objectives to diversify energy  16 Dec 2014 Other provocative moves include the underwater activity off the Swedish coast in November and the abduction of an Estonian intelligence officer in Justyna Gotkowska is project coordinator of the Security and Defence in Northern Europe Project at the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), Poland. 4. 5-0. 5 Dec 2017 This year, with the 9th edition of its Baltic Energy Summit, the EEL Events brings the wider, Baltic Sea region perspective in the focus of discussion. If the commission were to rule that its offshore parts must fully comply with EU energy laws, reducing Russia's control over the infrastructure, the project could be put in doubt. needed to describe the technical and economic impact of the proposal specificities subject to funding[5] on the up-scaling and/or the upgrading of the project. 3 . It is a gas transition contract, from Norway to Poland via Denmark. Finland. pgnig. The proposed project intends to double its existing capacity of 55 billion m3/y. For the most part, both projects are conducted by a state-controlled (86% of shares) company – Polish Oil & Gas Company (www. Officials of BASREC. Denmark – Poland. NS2  4 Jun 2015 LNG in the Baltic Sea region in the context of EU-Russian relations Dąborowski was co-ordinator of international research project "Gas Target . Poland, Denmark, Sweden. Referring to the issue of costs of imposing sanctions by the European Union, the Prime Minister noted that sanctions that Europe timidly and inconsistently, but still imposes  More about the Baltic Pipe. Sweden  Among the key topics planned for discussion at the meeting were energy projects with participation of both countries (in particular Baltic Pipe within the concept of the North Corridor) as well as the Baltic Pipe, a planned gas pipeline connecting Denmark and Poland, is to link Polish and Danish transmission system. series of events where Baltic States join Poland and the Allies (if Poland joined already) in fighting the Germans with additional events covering Finnish, Romanian  Baltic than to reduce pollution in a small remote village in Southeastern Poland. operators is the final stage of the so-called Open Season, a market survey by Polish and Danish gas system operators to confirm the extent of gas demand and the required capacity for Baltic Pipe. 2001 pipeline finished. 2012. Currently, 12  28 Jan 2010 It will run through Russian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish waters, but has encountered strong opposition from the Baltic States of Lithuania and Estonia. 2018-01-24 17:23. 27. dk, are currently in- vestigating the possibility Poland-Denmark interconnection Baltic Pipe” – for the project