Advantages of iptv over cable

IPTV WITH BROADBAND CONNECTION AND LANDLINE 2. IPTV ( Internet Protocol television ) is a system through which television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network such as a LAN or the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats. These increasingly sophisticated tech- nologies have  7 Mar 2014 Most cable companies have the capabilities to deliver live video streams over the Internet, but the content providers haven't given them the go-ahead. Rogers TV, Comcast). There are far more chances that Internet Protocol Television  23 Aug 2016 Understanding the difference between Cable TV, Sattelite TV, IPTV, and OTT (over-the-top) streaming services can be tricky — particularly as content providers scramble to offer bundled services that blur the line between Internet and broadcast media. It really is simple. 's Maher Yaghi said on Thursday. Usually over an un- managed/open network. Because these solutions operate over only one pair of a 4-pair cable, they represent an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the cable sharing capability6 . Cisco Confidential. Instead of receiving There are many advantages of IPTV upon current analog cable television. 17 Oct 2016 It's here, and cable and satellite companies are ready to deliver. DTH satellite operators are currently facing one of their biggest partnerships run along these lines over the next 18 months. , IPTV over WiMAX links that support less bandwidth than fiber or xDSL access lines), "Enriched TV" may be offered via some hybrid-TV solutions that consist of traditional broadcast TV channels (from cable TV or satellite) and premium on-demand contents (over IPTV channels). Advantages of IPTV IPTV is expected to grow at a brisk pace in the  One of the big advantages of pure IPTV is that the boxes are smaller, cheaper, and have lower power consumption. 25 Jan 2008 In some cases (e. computer, home phone and wireless devices can be integrated to work together, giving you many useful features, more control over those devices and how the services are being delivered, AT&T U-verse – IP Video Distribution Advantages. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV  21 Oct 2015 CATV is nothing but the home-to-home Cable TV delivery using traditional coaxial cable connection to each of the residential premises to distribute TV from a central point or Major benefit of SMATV over CATV is that, you can stream any TV services from any part of the world to your foreign guests/visitors. Although equipment upgrades are beginning to occur, often from standards-based solutions vendors, the industry will be mired in legacy systems for the foreseeable future. Instead of receiving television or video over the broadcast waves, cable lines or through a satellite TV service, your TV is hooked directly into a broadband Internet router and receives. IPTV and OTT solutions differentiate in business model, quality of service, content, ownership and also cost, all of which affect  27 Jun 2008 multimedia available on the user's PC. (DCTV) or terrestrial broadcasting (TB) services, while also considering the additional cost of switching to the IPTV service. An IPTV system with these key elements provides numerous advantages over a standard cable delivery system. Presentation_ID X. 9 May 2013 Forum discussion: I'm just wondering since Bell keeps advertising Fibe TV as better than cable but after having Fibe TV for over a month now the only thing that seems to be better about Fibe is the PVR Bell provides but that doesn't mean the IPTV technology is better. Our Company provides Satellite TV with 170 and more Digital stations having Digital Quality. While it has yet to be fully exploited or proven as a  Although cable and satellite television providers are striving to offer IPTV, the service is typically delivered over a closed network system that is used by the service . Tiscali TV, BT Vision,. IPTV uses digital packet technology to converge TV/Radio with data eliminating need to entertainment networks that have no over the air counterpart were created taking advantage of the large channel capacity and low cost of cable distribution. And making the right decision . Authorized users. image on the TV screen. The sports packages are here. LifeStream offers a unique solution to cable TV operators based on innovative technology of statistical indicators control. IPTV is quickly becoming popular due to  1 Nov 2016 Since ISP is collecting a lot of Full-HD programs, IPTV covers a wide range of TV channels in 1920x1080p. google_fiber. IPTV over DSL: quality is dependent on the line  11 Feb 2016 Internet Protocol Television is the method of communication that is based on the Internet protocol and runs on the broadband internet lines. Video on demand is an IPTV technology that allows user to select and to watch IPTV . Rogers's  24 Jul 2017 One of the biggest advantages of IPTV over cabel is that you can access content when you want to watch it. Previously, to get on television, you had to try and buy time via your local cable channel or local satellite television provider. In comparison to local cable TV providers, IPTV is  IPTV has the advantage over internet video in that it provides continuous broadcast of video channels (similar to broadcast, CATV (cable television) or Satellite) viewed on television via. iTunes. Ariel Szternberg. com/IPTV1. Bandwidth for delivering IPTV: • SDTV: 2 5 – 4 Mbps. . A comparison between IPTV and the DVB transmission schemes for satellite and cable. 21 Jul 2016 "We believe the implementation of the new TV user interface starting by the end of 2016 will provide Rogers with a competitive advantage over its IPTV competitor and should help the company on the cable subscriber net additions front," Desjardins Securities Inc. TV viewing experience more interactive and personalized. Telestream Particularly over the last couple of years, the introduction of  23 Jul 2017 IPTV is the delivery of television content over computer networks based on the logical Internet Protocol (IP), rather than through traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable television formats. Broadcast. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV offers the ability to stream the source media continuously. ”. 18 Nov 2009 providers are using their technological advantage to deliver more High Definition (HD) content and compensate for their unidirectional technology by teaming up For this paper, Cable IPTV is defined as video content delivered over traditional HFC to IP devices at the home. It is best for those subscribers who. . DIFFERENT COMBO OFFERS OF SERVICES WITH IPTV ARE AVAILABLE: 1. Wireless charging, specifically the part where you can put your phone on a puck and charge  21 Jun 2017 IPTV is a technology for watching television using Internet Protocol over LAN or the Internet, instead of watching TV over cable or satellite. reduces the required bandwidth for transmission of video over cable TV or. Advantages of IPTV over OTT. It involves a multitude of diverse systems. It's a process many other small cable companies are undertaking. IPTV benifits and advantages. Full interactivity. The advantages of using an LNB are that cheaper cable could be used to connect the indoor receiver with the satellite TV dish and LNB, and that the technology . Broadcasting on cable or satellite requires buying airtime from the  Advantages and disadvantages of this technology are also discussed in this thesis. 20 Dec 2012 Most hotels invest in procuring high-definition TVs, but are either dependent on cable TV operators or install their own Analog TV head-end, which is Advantages of IPTV. What are the advantages of IPTV service? (ii) If returned during lock‐in period, then the value of CPE depreciated over the entire lock‐in period. Cost. S. 1 Advantages of IPTV television over traditional broadcast TV. 8 Jan 2018 Spirent Test Center Iptv “With Spirent TestCenter 2. g. This three services offered simultaneously by IPTV technology is known as triple play. While both offer similar channel packages, each has an advantage over the other. That's the difference - the delivery method. Since it provides cable directly through net, you will not be required to make any major investment (assuming you already have a high-speed net connection). IPTV has a couple advantages for cable providers. Any users. Closed IP. Unlike the traditional forms of digital television (broadcast, cable and satellite) IPTV – is a fully interactive service that operates within the framework  14 Jul 2015 down by it for Broadcasting and Cable TV services, so that consumer's rights are effectively safeguarded. A lot of people feel that watching shows and movies on their traditional terrestrial or cable television is good enough for what they need. It distributes live or prerecorded TV and video/audio over the preexisting network. Digitalization. Cable has the advantage that it has a high bandwidth and  An IPTV service, typically distributed by a service provider, delivers live TV programs or on-demand video content. One key advantage of IPTV over the traditional terrestrial TV, satellite TV, and cable TV is that it makes the. A PC, TV or a mobile terminal namely a smartphone or tablet computer are capable devices. You generally had little control over airtime and could only select a few options as to how often your content was playing. Unlimited content. much richer suite of services then either CATV or over-the-air distribution. Switching a radio frequency based network over to an IP based switched  IPTV is a major USP in the future guest room technology. ™. While earlier, the only ways to watch television were through over-the-air broadcasts using radio waves or through cable TV, Internet protocol television or IPTV delivers video and audio over an internet connection using technologies used for  Broadcast Television (Over-the-Air or Terrestrial TV); Free-to-air TV (FTA - or Unencrypted Satellite); Cable Television; Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS - or Satellite TV); IPTV and Internet One advantage of cable television is that there is no need to have external equipment like an aerial or dish on the outside of your home. This is advantageous for several reasons. 2 Mar 2012 Earlier:– The only ways to watch television were through over-the- air broadcasts and cable signals– With broadcast TV, an antenna picks up radio waves to tr… History of IPTV:• In year 1994, ABCs World News was the first television show to be broadcasted over the Internet. Most homes today have multiple devices trying to access cable networks using a variety of technologies. Rogers's  Rapidly expanding market share in cable and IPTV distribution brings both great opportunities constant pressure to deliver more content at ever lower cost to retain and entice subscribers”. Digital television via an internal network (IPTV) has a large number of advantages compared to traditional cable television. Innovative Systems is a trusted partner in helping small cable companies make the IPTV transition. Differences between IPTV and regular cable TV and Internet video streaming. 2. IPTV offers advantages that satellite TV does  25 Sep 2013 The CPE takes the data packets sent from the head-end over the IP transmission network and turns it into a picture for the viewer to see. IPTV SERVICES. Cable. 4 Feb 2016 For now, many cable operators are focusing on using OTT delivery as a complement to their main TV service offering, satisfying the consumer demand Operators are moving from IPTV to OTT in order to take advantage of a wide range of benefits that OTT offers, such as the ability to deliver video content  Teleste cable and IPTV partners are focused on delivering solutions for cable TV, SMATV and IPTV applications. The leading operators is Comhem which has over 1. Advantages of IPTV:1. Ad t th i. Sometimes sports stations televise  advantage of IPTV and long-tail. IPTV lets you move displays around - just connect to  12 Jun 2015 Let's take a look at some of the key advantages that IPTV with TikiLIVE has over cable or satellite for your live streaming events. When all of IPTV is a different, improved technology than “traditional” cable or satellite TV, and it allows for more flexibility within the network. We would be in a position to give better quality than DTH too. An IP service is a cable service delivered to an end user over an edge network capable of transporting IP. This effect is known as streaming media. In general cable can support higher bandwidth speeds, and the service radius from the CMTS can be larger than would be served by a similar DSL's DSLAM. There are about 70 operators all over Sweden and they cover about 65% of all households [6]. An IPTV system may be used to provide video content over a private network in an enterprise, although such implementations are far less common than subscriber-based models due to complexity and scaling  The main advantages of IPTV over other forms of television are that it is easy to integrate this with other IP-based services, for example VOIP and high speed internet services 3d tv. 13 Sep 2013 In 1992, John Malone, then president of the largest cable company, made a bold prediction: “In not too many years, TV viewers will have 500 channels to One of the many advantages to internet-based video content – or IPTV – is that it's not only a less expensive option, but it addresses many of the  In this same vein, the P2P processes might also be used to create a cost of service advantage versus IPTV. • SDTV: 2,5 – 4 Mbps. Tehre is clear digital picture quality with no distortion and noise. N e tw o rk. All channels are compressed at the same time and it is typically implemented on private networks supporting multicasting and rate  Our advantages. A 2014 analysis by DEN Networks acknowledged that DTH currently has the advantage of customizable packages, rather than the all-or-nothing service offered by most IPTV providers. The customer signs up for the service, gets the set-top This is supposedly one of the great benefits of IPTV over cable, two-way transmission. 1. In addition to video, IPTV technology offers VOIP (voice over IP) and web access for the data. IPTV is primarily suited for larger institutions, such as health care institutions, hotel chains and cruise ships. Cable modems are typically faster when the  business from telecommunication operators combined with bandwidth efficiencies associated with IP delivery mechanisms are two of the key factors driving cable operators toward a more IP centric model of delivering video content to end users. For instance, IPTV can also be packaged with normal broadband Internet as well as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). In comparison to local cable TV providers, IPTV is less expensive and does not come with any additional costs of buying and installing dishes and antennas. A live broadcast on cable or satellite is an expensive proposition, both for broadcasters and viewers. 3[3] million costumers and a selection of over 100 channels, UPC Sverige AB, CanalDigital och Tele2Vision [6]. User centric. HD. Figure 5: IPTV over Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) is a solution to delivering high quality services such define the whole picture; do the benefits of improving QoS exceed the costs to the network operator? IP-TV technology is a digital multi-program interactive television in IP-based network with the help of a packet transmission of the video data through IP-based (Video over IP). While in theory, IPTV services should suffer from the same issues as cable in terms of network deployment and the  Booz & Company. Multimedia and Embedded DOCSIS. Cable and satellite (and other OTA systems like UK broadcast TV) are what's called "broadcast" networks. Of course, broadband has become readily available is most metropolitan regions allowing more consumers to enjoy the benefits of IPTV. The cable companies are trying to catch up with competitors like Telus that take full advantage of those IPTV benefits. In this high-definition video application, IPTV signals are transmitted via IP packets and a set-top box at the customer location decodes the packets and sends the  Abstract—Internet protocol television (IPTV), the television services through the Internet, has recently gained increasing popularity. 0, we are able to emulate and characterize an end-to-end Triple Play network with 24,000 subscribers watching MS-IPTV, using VoIP telephones, and browsing. While cable subscription numbers have been tailing off  IPTV is an acronym for Internet Protocol TV. t l i ti. 1. The powerline connection does not experience interference from 'line of sight' issues, because it is a direct connection to every outlet  1 Mar 2012 Figure 4: Example VDSL2 performance improvements in a 100 pair cable with vectoring. But image quality shouldn't be the main reason for switching to an IPTV TV system as there are a number of other benefits, which might not be apparent right away:  4 Jan 2018 What is IPTV? From a TV watcher's point of view, IPTV is very simple: instead of receiving TV programs as broadcast signals that enter your home from a rooftop antenna, satellite dish, or fiber-optic cable, you get them streamed (downloaded and played almost simultaneously) through your Internet  Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The recent introduction of Television over Internet Protocol technology, commonly known as IPTV, made a revolution on the distribution networks for TV signals,  The service is delivered to homes and businesses using fiber optic or copper cables, and presents advantages over traditional cable and internet providers. Network. 1 cable for Internet, TV and telephony (triple play); SD & HD Digital TV provides high quality; works on both TV and PC; interactivity is central: transmitting live news, RSS feeds, Video On Demand (VOD), Music On Demand (MOD), info pages, easy integration of camera systems on the same  What is IPTV? IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, is a system through which television is delivered via Internet Protocol (computing means) instead of the classic cable optics or satellite means. All channels are  This paper will outline the converged benefits that IPTV systems deliver to the classroom along with the cost efficiency they provide. Benefits. In this competitive situation, the audience should consider the benefits that an IPTV service provides over traditional digital cable TV. Sc a le. 95 full HD No Freeze multi language Trial Available Order and get your IPTV today! Trump, of course, denies this; here's what he said about it in November: People … What's the difference between IPTV and TV Everywhere? Best IPTV Server  IPTV, or Internet Protocol television, is a relatively new and still evolving technology that AT&T is using to deliver TV service. Television service delivery technology has evolved rapidly over the years, from terrestrial to cable (CATV), satellite (direct-to-home, or DTH), microwave (multichannel multipoint distribution system, or MMDS), and, more recently, broadband IP (IPTV). A quick look The delivery of TV to the classroom over IP starts at the building demarcation point – the location where the cable, satellite, or DSL feed brings television signals into the building. o e a S et o o In the last years many telcos have entered into the IPTV market. IPTV Flexibility. Although IPTV is a fairly new technology, you will find more advantages than disadvantages to using this type of service to access home entertainment. 2 Jan 2017 IPTV has become popular in the last few years, for it is known to provide reliable and secure delivery to its subscribers. IPTV providers, AT&T and Verizon, reportedly captured over eight million IPTV customers at the expense of a declining cable via one or more carrier networks, giving the former the advantage of quality control, though content management systems and advanced CDN can give OTT a boost. Content is King The really important thing is: do you like the channels they offer and is the quality good? Cable: if it is digital cable then this is potentially the highest quality, but this depends on local conditions. It gives you access . in the home and what advantages are created for operators at each stage. IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) means television that is delivered over IP . STB [8]. Tripleplay provide digital cable TV, with HD quality channel over Delhi NCR, Subscribe and customize your HD TV packages or plans with a wide range of Benefits. – WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF IPTV OVER TRADITIONAL TV SERVICES? IPTV offers a cost effective way of accessing over a thousand channels. One of the biggest advantages is that it offers you  22 Jul 2016 "We believe the implementation of the new TV user interface starting by the end of 2016 will provide Rogers with a competitive advantage over its IPTV competitor and should help the company on the cable subscriber net additions front," Desjardins Securities Inc. Satellite/. 10 Aug 2016 If you are planning to ditch your cable contract and go for IPTV or internet content, you should at least have a good internet connection with a reasonable With a fully functional PC you have endless possibilities regarding how and what content you want to watch, that's the big advantage of a HTPC over a  11 Jan 2009 As with other video service providers, the cable industry is anticipating IP-video and IPTV, and plans to deliver these over the DOCSISTM (data over cable service interface specification) Owing to the benefits of system virtualization, even CE devices have come to take advantage of the technology. An IPTV system has several advantages over a co-ax cable TV distribution system: IPTV uses the existing computer network - no new cables, no hassle! IPTV works with all display devices - TV's, Projectors, Plasma and LCD displays, computer desktops. facebook. All rights reserved. 15. VOD are likely to take ever-larger bites out of their subscriber bases Cable & Satellite International nov-dec 2006. Most hotels invest in procuring high-definition TVs, but are either dependent on cable TV operators or install their own Analog TV head-end, which is popularly known as Master Antenna  5 May 2009 Since transmissions are sent over a wired medium, lower latencies can be achieved benefiting real-time streaming applications like VoIP and IPTV and interactive services. IPTV has an advantage over downloaded media in that it can stream directly from the source, in smaller chunks of data. This article describes the basic building blocks in order to clarify the difference between “IPTV” and what is increasingly being called “WebTV”. 11 Jan 2018 Premium IPTV Server Over 4897+ live channels 2. Flexible: broadcast / multicast / unicast. With over 1,200 deployed  10 Jan 2017 - 2 min - Uploaded by sky sateFACEBOOK :https://www. t k Ti l Pl o Advantage: use their own telecommunication networks, Triple-Play o Use of fiber cable, last mile: existing copper cable. There are number of advantages of using Internet Protocol Television instead of the cable or satellite TV. This means that Cable IPTV  2 Jun 2015 The advantage of the TV service only being available within a specific network is that the quality of the signal can be controlled, something not typically possible over third party infrastructure. The channels you know and love are here. With time, TV in a guest room has evolved from bulky sets to sleek LCD/LED. VMedia is a company which provides Cambridge TV through internet. With an MPEG-4 IPTV STB, operators have the ability to only deliver the content that  In 2012, the two largest U. You can also deliver more functionality and content than with regular broadcast or cable television services and ultimately the consumer has  IPTV over a DSL network. The acronyms and technical terms bolded throughout this networks such as satellite (e. Bell Xpress Vu, DirectTV) or cable (e. Internet television offers  Television (IPTV). Advantages of Software Encoding for. IPTV and Cable. The Teleste partner programme is aimed at supporting sales to these segments. 2006 Cisco Systems, Inc. What is IPTV? The encoding used by most iptv service providers involves the usage of H264,  The decisive advantage of IPTV over other TV solutions like satellite or cable: for the repetition of video content, only a web-enabled player which has access to the network is required. Not all partnerships are the same, of course. This means a hotel guest can  IPTV is not a well-defined term and may be a source of ambiguity and sometimes confusion. Once people experience IPTV  16 Oct 2013 A third benefit of delivering video services over IP is that operators can eliminate the use of MPEG-2 STBs in favor of MPEG-4, which offers the same video quality at half the bit rate. Some examples of IPTV you may be familiar with are Video on Demand and NetFlix. It is with this intention this handbook titled FAQs . A single signal is transmitted from a central source (either over fibre optics or satellite or radio waves) then picked up by multiple receivers at the home (dish, cable box, ariel). 26 Sep 2016 It essentially is a technology that delivers video or TV broadcasts over the Internet. This is in contrast to delivery through traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable television formats. With over 30 years of experience & a team of dedicated staff, Videopro are Australia's premier dealer in audio visual equipment, computers & AV solutions. Additionally, other parts of the solution are already specified by the cable industry, including PacketCable. Our solution may be The company ensures digital retransmission of >130 channels from all over the world: Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Russia, and certainly Kazakhstan. Satellite offers both east and west coast feeds and alternate sports programming for channels like ESPN and Fox Sports. A complex cabling is usually omitted. Usually over a managed/closed network. Wireless. In order to gain maximum advantage from IPTV, it is important to understand its functioning. Why would you burden your new IPTV box with the extra bulk, cost, and  Television over the IP protocol, IPTV by HTC International provides endless possibilities. org/ http://sport Using set-top boxes with broadband internet connections, video can be streamed to households more efficiently than cable. As a result, a client media  8 Oct 2008 IPTV is a service provided by some carriers in a business model similar to that used by the cable TV industry. However, there are some differences in the equipment that may give dsl internet an advantage over cable in your area. Video. Content . First Arris is well positioned to take advantage of the shift in video delivery by cable companies. 9 No guaranteed QoS. iptv1. 0® Service Delivered Over Multiple Access Networks provide SK Broadband with numerous technical advantages and tremendous flexibility while enabling the rapid rollout of our cable IPTV service. IPTV over Cable VOIP. Traditional TV distribution is limited to over-the-air broadcasts and cable companies. IPTV works by delivering your television experience via the internet instead of through airwaves (broadcast tv), through cable, or over satellite transmission. movistar_logo. The number of The four sources of video infrastructure in the US, namely cable TV, Telco-IPTV, over-the-air, and satellite, along with the evolving fifth and sixth players, such as MMDS and metropolitan wireless, 157  22 Sep 2016 IPTV basically implies the process of moving images that are sent over IP. Typically, ISP will provide all gadgets you need to watch TV once the set-up box is hooked up to both network and your TV. So are the pay-per-view events  IPTV is a new technology that delivers video or TV broadcasts over the Internet. Advantages. Customers are using more bandwidth than ever before. For example, IPTV over WiFi as a primary service opens up a new set. Many efforts have been  1 Jul 2016 What are the benefits of Ethernet and the Internet Protocol for an Interactive Patient TV System? WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF IPTV OVER TRADITIONAL TV SERVICES? IPTV offers a cost effective way of accessing over a thousand channels. on the same cable -- IPTV, Internet and VoIP Telephone service -- all three can be customized to work together and give you more control over all of these devices. received over any broadband or network connection. IPTV is a two-way communication. Also provides good internet capacity (potentially). Examples of these upcoming techniques are Apple's AppleTV [5] and Microsoft's Internet TV [6]. IPTV. 7 Jun 2016 Advantages of IPTV: One of the advantages of IPTV is its capability to get easily integrated with other IP-based services such as VOIP or high-speed internet. IPTV is a paradigm breaking invention. This is due to the switched broadcast capability of IPTV. UNDER CATERGORY 1 ALL THAT IS REQUIRED AT CUSTOMER'S  IPTV services are deployed by various service providers such as cable TV carriers, satellite TV companies and telephone companies. The fourth  17 May 2016 Numerous television services are broadcast over the internet, and decoded by a domestic IPTV box. The main traditional distribution method for broadcast television uses coaxial cables for the distribution of. 4 Aug 2015 The operational benefits including better quality, improved efficiency, and smooth integration are added bonuses. Public IP. ORG/ SITE WEB : http://www. This makes no statement. WHY IPTV(Advantages of IPTV over cable and satellite TV). 27 May 2009 Harmonic's Direct-2-Edge Solutions Deliver On The Promise of Cable IPTV; Broadcast DOCSIS 3. There are several advantages of internet TV. (Compared with Cable TV/Satellite TV). It essentially is a technology that delivers video or TV broadcasts over the Internet. 99 19. 27 Jan 2016 Today IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) or OTT (Over the Top) solutions are essential for service providers if they want to offer the best possible TV experience to their customers. Big Channel “Packing Advantage”. * TO GET AN IPTV CONNECTION. There's Cable TV, Satellite TV, IPTV, and, last but not least, OTT (over-the-top) streaming as well. Alliances. Technological and market opportunities as well as challenges will be reviewed with a focus on the Canadian market. IPTVONLY. Recent research on IPTV has been myopic in that it analyzes. It uses the existing computer network. There is also no  benefits. Typically, you were also on a local  The advantages of IPTV