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ttf SinoType 37,256 华文黑体. Current behavior: Basic fonts(Asian) are Arial Unicode MS(LibreOffice  A computer displaying data in it's correct form is about the system having the correct font available. Mac OS X 10. otf Japanese LastResort. For you professionals, 61 are 100% free for commercial-use! Availability: Included with Mac OS X 10. otf, Japanese. I read somewhere that there is a Japanese version of  Additionally executable fondu must be added to /Applications/OpenOffice. It contains: Alphabets, numbers, hiragana, katakana AmechanPopMaru(Japanese font) - Display - 1. For example, for Traditional Chinese, use `chinese-big5' as keyboard coding system; for Japanese, use `sjis' , etc. To take a concrete example, if I switch from the English keyboard to Japanese input in FileMaker, the font will automatically switch to one of the Japanese fonts. It's not any Hiragino font or Osaka. Classic -- Includes fonts from the classical era of fontography such as Baskerville, Cochin, etc. Noto Sans CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) has seven weights: Thin, Light, DemiLight, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black. EDIT: To clear the current user's font cache, first quit all running applications (otherwise, you may see font oddities after using the  FontBase is a font manager made by designers, for designers. 2 Arabic; 4. bachard 2005-09-14 01:03:27 UTC. If you use Arial font in Igor 6 on macOS 10. Top. mac osx settings. The growing range of Japanese fonts in Adobe TypeKit is due to collaboration with Morisawa and other foundries. 2 Persistent configuration. Unblock Unblock @oxtryp. Nikukyu (ニクキュウ) is a fun and playful Japanese font, inspired by the soft pads of cat paws: Each character is equipted with a highlight spot. Not Proper" on the table right, it means the Japanese fonts are not installed in your system. 001. 3. Some older fonts are not fully compatible with the new text engine. We'll cover the process of installing new fonts, deleting unwanted fonts, and also restoring your default system  12 Jul 2009 I am trying to display Japanese string in GUI. Preferences>Adv. Additional Requirements, Mac OS X 10. Unfollow Unfollow @oxtryp. There are over 5,100 characters in each font (there are four in all: roman, italic, bold, and bold italic), with all necessary punctuation marks and a wide assortment of symbols. The “Brill” fonts comply with all  It handles Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text well, although inline input is not supported. ttf, Arabic. Fixed Width  1 Mar 2014 Following Following @oxtryp. Download Free japanese fonts at UrbanFonts. 1 Ancient Scripts; 4. org/font/tt/japanese-font-package-30. I have tried to make sure which font I have added. 2. ) Go to System Preferences > Language & Region . Has anyone tried this before? Can Unity do Japanese? One of the many things I did was set the font in GUISkin to Japanese font in Mac(that's also included in iPhone) but when I do that all characters are shown as black box. 12, including any that shipped with language-specific updates from Apple For fonts shipped only with Mac OS X 10. Still, it's an interesting application that might be worth a look if you really dislike Windows fonts. KanjiStrokeOrders_v4. These fonts will be especially welcomed by humanities scholars quoting from texts in any language, ancient or modern. ” Think different, speak different. Start Writer. You can customize your experience with live font previews. We love you, too. fonts-adobe-japanese</dir> </fontconfig>. I searched. All of the recent versions of Mac OS X—including the latest version, Mavericks—have included Japanese language support out out of the box. In this case Wine does not have the correct fonts installed, so it's not able to show the data. なかてん doesn't seem to work on the Windows 7 Japanese IME, but it looks like it does convert to U+30FB  19 Jun 2017 Problem description: "Arial Unicode MS" is selected as initial Basic font(Asian) in Japanese environment(Mac OS X). SigMaker is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese! Image  +New keyboards for Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Georgian, Irish, Kannada, Malayalam, Maori, Odia, Swahili, and Welsh +English input on the 10-key Pinyin keyboard +English input on the Japanese Romaji keyboard +Russian-English bilingual dictionary +Portuguese-English bilingual dictionary +Arabic system font  Can't Find Corrupted Font (on mac) - Adobe Illustrator forum is dedicated to help and support for the creation and graphic design of digital artwork using Illustrator. But not so in MMDComposer 4 (the free version as well): Even if I choose a Japanese font, the writing process before conversion  27 Sep 2016 Hi, Singularity. The comprehensive  Free Japanese Font - Download Japanese unicode fonts free to download for Mac and Windows. ttf  5 Oct 2012 Let us explore the categories within Font Collections sub-gallery: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean -- As the names suggest, these categories include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language fonts. Development didn't last very long and the project was discontinued, but a couple of other developers managed  Noto font weights. Oxtail MAC Rhino Fonts. 0. Since version 14 ARCHICAD is a Cocoa application, it uses the Core Text text engine, which is used by most of the current Mac applications. Geeza Pro. 1 Families; 4. Button but having no success. 1; Mac OS X 10. I can't seem to find a HiraMinPro W3 has nothing to do with "Minion Pro", it is the Japanese font Hiragino Mincho Pro W3, which is included with every Mac OS X, so you should certainly have it. Geeza Pro Bold. 2 Latin script. Urbana César Puertas. He started writing a program called GDI++ to be a replacement for ClearType. 6 Snow Leopard comes with four new fonts: Menlo, Chalkduster, Heiti (with Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese variations), and Hiragino Sans GB (a Japanese font), shown here. Nico Moji (ニコモジ) is a cute and playful Japanese font, with flat and wide Katakana and Hiragana. 2062. 4. Naturally, both fonts are PC fonts and I don't have them. There is  This list of fonts contains every font shipped with Mac OS X 10. 5 Intel; Mac OS X 10. 2; Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std – 8201 glyphs in version 7. I have upgraded to OS X Lion, and I have noticed that there is a new Japanese font used. The use of these characters is made possible through a keyboard  Operating Systems, Mac/OS Classic. PC / MAC Download @font-face · CaslonRoman TrueTypePersonal use. I wanted to choose Japanese, but there is no Japanese Font even though I chose Japanese  13 Apr 2017 When I use ggplot on my Mac, I have to set the font family to "sans" (in . I can help you install Japanese, Installing and Typing Japanese on Vista / Windows 7 by JapaneseFromZero. The weight of Noto Sans CJK Use the unhinted versions on Android and on Mac OS X, which doesn't implement hints; Use hinted fonts on Chrome OS, Windows, and Linux  15 Mar 2017 This piece focuses on the Japanese font foundry scene. Contents. Pending Pending follow request from @oxtryp. Turn images, logos and signatures into fonts. . (南极星 Nanjixing) develops Chinese language software, Japanese language software and Korean language soft ware and multilingual solutions for Windows and Mac OSX. Very convenient for subtitles in languages other than Chinese, Japanese ( for which you need to choose a different font than the default "LucidaGrande". AquaKanaBold. Unfortunately it is not supported in Mac OS 9 or older since Mac OS 9 doesn't display Japanese proportional fonts correctly. This is about the only way I know of to get hold of a large number of properly licensed Japanese fonts without buying them individually. Mac type 1 and Windows truetype. . 1. fonts-mac-converted</dir> <dir>/home/craig/. 2. dfont Courier. There is a bug within Chrome 64-bit Version 37. You can google for "Japanese IME". I just used copy&paste from  IPA Fonts are high quality Japanese outline fonts developed by Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(called IPA for short). - Adobe I could then copy the Japanese text characters out of the PDF file, and finally place the Japanese characters into Google Translate ☺ 9 May 2003 Although you may get these fonts to work in Mac OS X, especially when you're working in Classic, they are not supported, so you should avoid them. Blocked Blocked @oxtryp. Cannot use Japanese font in Inkscape in Mac???? 1:54  12 Oct 2001 To take advantage of its advanced text system, Mac OS X includes several professional quality Roman and Japanese fonts (which Apple says is valued at over US$10,000). Cancel Cancel your follow request to @oxtryp. Hello All That's it! As a small agency, we finally venture into Eng into Japanese and Chinese. You can also enter a lot of different special purpose characters like arrow signs or the option key sign, if your font supports it. Font names: AddCityboyNormal, AddElectricCity, AddFatMan, AddJazz, AddLGBitmap09, AddLine,  9 Mar 2016 Illustrator has an excellent feature for working with Japanese text that many users may not be aware of: Composite Font. [hide]. Like this. microsoft. Download free Japanese unicode, handwriting, calligraphy fonts and more that can be used in commercial works! Download free Japanese unicode, handwriting, calligraphy fonts and more that can be used in commercial works! 2 Nov 2015 The last section was a later interview that covers the design of the Simplified Chinese font Hiragino Sans that shipped with Mac OS X Snow Leopard)Hiragino, the family of Japanese OpenType fonts included with Mac OS X, has a rich feature set and history that few people are likely to be aware of. 0 for Mac and Windows. 28 Aug 2014 some things got broken, one of which is displaying unicode characters for Asian languages. dfont AquaKanaRegular. Noto is Google's answer to tofu. 19 Jun 2013 One thing that I love about the Mac's retina display is how amazing text looks (due to the font smoothing). 5fonts—required Table 10-1. 9 Feb 2013 Lauri -- You are right, of course, and that points out the problem facing a Japanese user who wants a two stroke "ri", since all the default Hiragino fonts are single stroke. 5/program/. 4 Intel; Mac OS X 10. 1 Bitmap; 4. I don't know how much is a Mac OS or Adobe issue but there MUST be a way to delete/hide fonts from a dropdown menu. This is useful when you have garbage text that needs to be forced into a  You need Japanese fonts in your system in order to view Japanese characters properly. dfont and so on, it is need to use the one from source (041222). If you need assistance removing fonts from OSX and reinstalling follow this link. In the spotlight and also in Xcode. 4 Serif; 4. info-mac. 漢字の筆順のフォント. The Western Mac ads would backfire in Japan (the Mac would appear to lack class). I've not seen Japanese  I am using oneNote for Mac English version, but I keep notes in both english and chinese. Leopard's. - The fonts should work on MAC. 2; Mac OS X 10. It is most useful for languages with large character sets like Chinese or Japanese that may use the same glyphs for different fonts. ttf  FontExplorer® X Pro Mac features: Smart sets, activate & deactivate fonts, working with missing fonts and more. I have played Second life with Singularity viewer so far, sometimes I can't use Japanese Font when it updated. 3 Non-latin scripts. 7 Lion; 2 New fonts added with OS  21 Nov 2016 Virtually all computer keyboards use Roman characters, and while you can type Japanese using Romaji, there may be cases where you want to type in proper Japanese. When creating composite fonts you can mix characters from Japanese and Roman fonts and use them as one composite font, but they must be based on Japanese fonts. dfont, Traditional Chinese. This affects both the English and Japanese versions of Igor 6. I have the above stated issue in both Word 2011 and 2008 on two different Macbooks. The OpenType font format is an extension of  I've seen that happen before to a workmate. Windows has never had font smoothing like this (see how Japanese text looks on Chrome to see the bad side of it), but with the increase in high-resolution displays (such as Toshiba's Kirabooks and  2 Apr 2002 GNU Emacs Manual: Mac OS. fonts-unfonts</dir> <dir>/home/craig/. Results 1 - 11 of 180 Instant downloads for 266 free japanese fonts. Android, Droid Sans Japanese, –. No one has come a usable fix as far as I can tell. What is the Japanese Font Package? The Japanese Font Package is a collection of Hiragana, Katakana and some special characters that are unique to Japanese. This also affected some Chinese text, but is not as widespread. I love it! It kind o looks like handwriting. It's released under the IPA Font license which allow us to modify and redistribute them on the condition of avoiding to use the word "IPA" for derivatives' name and following some other  32 Free Unicode Japanese Fonts. Accents (full) • Euro • Smilies • Card symbols • Music. 26 Oct 2012 The rest are a mixture of European, kana and arty fonts you could just discard, or keep any that look good. Removing the font and re-installing solved the issue. 4 PPC; Mac OS X 10. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Also, older  15 Nov 2017 I feel happy if you use this font with happily feeling like eating "Amechan". 5 Unsorted. I had to install the Gentium font and set it as the default Western font to get Greek to show up correctly. These versions have better Windows curves in lowercase "t", "v", "w", and "y". 0 through macOS 10. ) If you can type Japanese in Text Edit but not OpenOffice, then check the default font being used. Lightning fast, with beautiful interface, and totally free. The English font doesn't matter, … 25 Nov 2015 I would caution you not to disable the Chinese/Japanese fonts. com. Ranges: Basic Latin; Latin-1 Supplement; Latin Extended-A (few);Combining Diacritical Marks; Greek; Cyrillic; General Punctuation;  25 Feb 2012 I don't have access to a Mac right now, but for some other options for Linux/Windows: なかぐろ seems to work for converting to U+30FB katakana middle dot ( ・ ) on both Windows 7 and Anthy for Linux. 3. http://www. Some old browsers could not understand those font names  Package: Essential System Software Installed: Always (cannot be disabled) Installation location: /System/Library/Fonts. Comment 5 eric. Unicode text allows you to display German, French, Danish or Japanese characters that are usually not supported in an ASCII character set. 37 votes So when I type Japanese, it ends up using Microsoft Yahei (微软雅黑), which creates a patchwork of different fonts. 6 font 6 fonts In paid plans In free & paid plans In paid plans or to buy In free & paid plans or to buy To buy To buy from US$34. org1. We treat these languages with respect and awe! We have received our first very short translation into Japanese and now need to send it to the client. dtd"> <fontconfig> <dir>/home/craig/. hqx. dfont LiHei Pro. The latest ones are Meiryo and Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro. When I switch languages, changing from typing in Japanese (where the default font is MS Mincho) to English. It seems they have to manually switch to Osaka if they want to avoid Chinese Kanji. Especially avoid older bitmapped versions of Chinese/Japanese/Korean/ Vietnamese language fonts; these fonts will not work in Mac OS X. 2 Monospaced; 4. Japanese glyphs will appear with the Hiragino Maru Gothic font selected: Hiragino Maru Gothic The question is how to access these glyphs on a keyboard when Japanese isn´t the preferred language on your Mac in the system preferences. New. Fonts. Sun Oct 21 00:49:59 EDT 2012. I spent a good deal of time deleting foreign fonts from Mac's Font Book but they still showed up in my dropdown list for  Download: http://archive. AquaKanaRegular. 1 Preview and temporary changes; 3. . The Japanese ads wouldn't work in the West (no real  Mac OS X, Windows and GNU+Linux all render OpenType Layout shaping. Emacs built on the Mac OS supports many of its major features: multiple frames, colors, scroll bars, menu bars, use of the mouse, fontsets, international . Log in or  See how to remove fonts and languages that you don't use from Office. dfont, Korean. 4 Font packages. Most Popular - By Name · 新宋体 Sim Sun Font らぶ S2G Love Font さざなみ明朝 Sazanami Mincho Font 青柳衡山 Aoyagi Kouzan Font 大阪 Osaka Font あくあ aqua Font さざなみゴシック Sazanami Gothic Font みかちゃん mikachan PB Font 東風明朝 Kochi Mincho Font GT2000-01 Font さな  The TrueType collection (. dfont. p <- ggplot(data, aes(x=Dim1,y=Dim2)) + theme_grey(base_family="sans") So with fviz_ca_biplot, I tried same way, but font did not selected. dfont Korean Hiragino Mincho Pro W6. I'm starting with Mac instructions for installing Japanese keyboards, because it's the easiest of the two, and most people's preference when it comes to working/typing in general. 9, Yu Gothic Hiragino kaku Gothic Pro Hiragino kaku Gothic Pro N, Yu MinchoHiragino Mincho Pro Hiragino Mincho Pro N. 9; Mac OS X 10. Geometrically strong fonts by Atsushi Aoki: AddFatMan, Shade, Speedy, Round, Steel, Line, Rusty, Loops, Shark (not free), WASP (not free), Jazz, IronPoint7, StandardBitmapPoint9. AppleGothic. Version 3. otf Japanese AquaKanaBold. Apple LiGothic Medium. Language In /system/Library/Fonts/ type foundry Glyphs Simplified Chinese 华文细黑. 29 Dec 2009 I would like to set the default Japanese font for when I use Kotoeri within my Word documents (while keeping my English default font for English typing), but if I go to Format > Font and set the default there, then the entire document (including the English part) gets set to a Japanese font. zip Full package as a 9mb zip file; If you have difficulty with the zip file then try downloading the  16 Jul 2013 Download and install the Noto Sans free font family by Google as well as test-drive and see a complete character set. 3 Braille; 4. Be sure to send Microsoft any concerns you might have over disabling fonts without asking first. A more careful reading reveals that they're needed for international versions of the operating system and you should keep them because “you never know who might use your  Japanese font of reports on Mac OS X. 94 that can change font settings and remove the ability to display Japanese and Korean text. chat>Text options. 5 PPC; Mac OS X 10. Quote. Snow. I will modify the article a bit. ttf Chinese Geeza Pro Bold. I have tried adding all fonts from a Windows installation into the CrossOver application and the mac font folder, but it's not working. Rprofile I set up the "sans" to Japanese fonts). 2). Kanji stroke order font v4. When you access the Japanese page and you see like "2. Solution. Ubuntu, TakaoExGothic 22 Jan 2018 But normally, selecting something like Menlo even works on a Mac; for Japanese and other CJK text, an appropriate sans serif font is chosen without any adjustment necessary. Windows font  13 Jan 2018 The MacPorts Project is an open-source community initiative to design an easy-to-use system for compiling, installing, and upgrading either command-line, X11 or Aqua based open-source software on the Mac OS X operating system. When I type It would be nice to specify asian language font and english font separately. 4 Chinese, Japanese,  Tables 10-1 and 10-2 list the required and optional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts that are bundled with Mac OS X, current as of version 10. Courier. Check the Font in TextEdit, Apple's own text editor program, which  10 Nov 2009 There are apps which switch fonts behind the scenes without telling you, and those which don'tbut then you have to guess which font to use. Results 1 - 10 of 367 PC / MAC Download @font-face · Un Dotum Bold » kldp » Koaunghi Un » Website TrueTypeGNU/GPL. Many large-set windows  One document “recommends” that certain foreign language fonts stay in /System/Library/Fonts; it goes on to list “required Japanese fonts,” and so on. Suitable for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and any other platform that supports TrueType fonts. 3 Oct 2011 Want to install a new font in Mac OS? Maybe you want to remove a font you no longer use? Managing fonts on the Mac is incredibly easy regardless of what system software version you are using. ttf  I have received a Word doc from a client with a word displayed in a phonetic alphabet font (see attached sample). 1 System fonts up to Mac OS X 10. 7. (PC master race, pls be nice. It was written in MS Word for Windows and I'm on a Mac. I recommend using dvipdfmx which converts DVI to PDF,  Hiragino Mincho Pro N. 5. I want to have two  Most Japanese websites use default font sets provided on Windows or Mac. 3 Sans-serif; 4. It is a scene in The new fonts Yu-Mincho and Yu-Gothic are among the first system fonts installed in both Mac and Windows. Noto has multiple styles and weights, and is freely available to all. 8 May 2007 Snipplr lets your store and share all of your commonly used pieces of code and HTML with other programmers and designers. ttc) is a space saving modification of the TrueType format containing multiple TrueType/OpenType fonts that share glyphs. 99 In your plan In your plan or to buy · Realigned equestrian fez bewilders picky monarch. otf Japanese Keyboard. Here will explain how to install Japanese fonts on  8 Oct 2005 Currently Mona Font is available in a standard BDF format for X11 and TrueType format (TTF) for Mac OS X. I'm wondering if anybody knows what font it is. 10 (system font) Format: OpenType with Postscript outlines. MacBook, Mac OS X (10. I recommend use otf for Mac,and ttf for Windows. Mac vs. com/mac/product-feedback. 10 Oct 2016 Problem with Arial font. You need to install Japanese fonts. All fonts are categorized and can be saved for quick reference and comparison. The name noto is to convey the idea that Google's goal is to see “no more tofu”. I think downloading the Japanese language pack for Mac OS would only change the string the UI on Mac OS shows  25 Jun 2010 Hi, I have no idea what could have caused this, but a few weeks ago, the default font for displaying Japanese changed from Hiragano Kaku Gothic to Google has been developing a font family called Noto, which aims to support all languages with a harmonious look and feel. Back in 2006, there was a Japanese developer who was fed up with the font rendering in Windows and decided to remedy the issue. Inconsolata also borrows "micro-serifs" from some Japanese Gothic fonts, which enhance the appearance of crispness and legibility. For details, please refer to my pTeX and Japanese Omega-J and other projects used freely available Japanese fonts converted to bitmaps, but those were less than satisfactory. Posted on Mar 17, 2012  Information about using Japanese on a Macintosh computer: Enabling Japanese on Mac OS, typing in Japanese, text processing, web browsing, email, dictionary software, encodings, etc. Steps to reproduce: 1. 12 (Sierra), Igor displays "unicode conversion error" instead of the correct text in graphs. 26 Dec 2004 For Linux/*BSD/Mac OS X, it's easier to make world from source code. File --> Open file--> Browse then choose the folder Dimensions_n_xyz, where n is the chapter number and xyz is the chosen spoken language ('Arab', English Espanol,  SigMaker. 10 font 10 fonts In paid plans In free & paid plans In paid  Unity has full unicode support. Composite fonts  The Japanese Font Package is a font collection of Hiragana, Katakana and some special characters that are unique to Japanese. These are All fonts used by Mac OS X system software are placed in the System/Library/Fonts. 0; Mac OS X 10. Of course this  We have 26 free japanese fonts to offer for direct downloading · 1001 Fonts is your favorite site for free fonts since 2001. 3; Mac OS Classic  13 Nov 2006 Good manners for a Japanese wife: “My husband is weak, stupid and fat. Show Options -> LibreOffice Writer -> Basic Fonts(Asian). Question is: what is the most usual font type that you would  Update 2015-12-04: The official release of Inconsolata is at Google Fonts, and official upstream is on github. Troubleshooting: If you select some text and then hold down command-option as you change the font, AppleWorks will change the script along with the font. (Sorry, I use a Mac for Japanese; never have used the Windows IME. iOS, HiraKakuProN-W3, HiraMinProN-W3. Foreign › Japanese. Open Preferences. Latest release 25 September 2016. I wanted to choose Japanese, but there is no Japanese Font even though I chose Japanese  22 Nov 2015 Here's the situation: I've been sent a document in English and Japanese. Previous message: Japanese font of reports on Mac OS X; Next message: Japanese font of reports on Mac OS X; Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ]  Table 8: Basic Tiger Fonts in the System Fonts Folder Font File Language/ Script Font File Language/ Script AppleGothic. AmechanPopMaru(Japanese font) file contains OpenType and TrueType font. These steps also make it  NJStar Software Corp. Accents (partial) • Euro • Card symbols • Music. More. The biggest advantage of sorting your fonts this way is that you can keep fonts from different sources  Install Japanese on Mac OS X. To use unicode characters,  Kanji Stroke Orders. 14 Jan 2011 DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts. 30 Mar 2009 That means most of the documentation is in Japanese, the application is clunky, and hooking into Windows this way could cause system instability, so definitely proceed with caution. ” Bad manners: “My husband is strong, smart and handsome. com - Learn This tutorial will show you how to install Japanese typing and display ability for ALL programs running on all versions of Vista and Windows 7. Windows, Android or Linux user? Check out our full Japanese reading & typing guide  Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro. Mac OS X version 10. 30 Jan 2018 3 Console fonts. Works on Mac and Windows. For older versions such like Windows XP, it is good to add former default fonts MS Gothic(or MS Mincho)/Osaka. It comes with fonts in Classic (Baskerville, Big Caslon, Copperplate, Didot), Fun (American Typewriter, Herculanum, Marker Felt,  Hello, i have some japanese applications that i'd like to run in CrossOver, but the symbols and Fonts are only squares. 5, please see Apple's documentation. Typing Kana characters on your Mac using your Roman keyboard is possible, however it requires you to switch your keyboard language  Setting up Japanese to work with your Apple computer is a pretty easy affair. We are also developing tools to manipulate TTF files for converting fonts  18 Oct 2017 EllenM 2017-12-29 10:48:20 UTC #9. Masao Uebayashi uebayasi at gmail. Note that binary version of fondu (040925) has a bug in converting /System/Library/Fonts/Osaka. library(FactoMineR) library(factoextra)  22 Jan 2018 But normally, selecting something like Menlo even works on a Mac; for Japanese and other CJK text, an appropriate sans serif font is chosen without any adjustment necessary. com Our site carries over 30000 PC fonts and Mac fonts