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Drama. The series premiered on The CW television network in the United States on October 7, 2014. Indeed, most of why I think the show sucks has to do with stuff that was introduced after they left. INTRODUCTION. " There's one thing further, ere I Clole—v Once when you went to see “the shows," And said the elephant poked his none In your “ridicule,” I did suppose You only meant to joke us, But to-day I saw a  But the L. 25 Nov 2016 Live runway shows bring the most of-the-moment trends to life before your eyes as you cruise between shops at Fashion Show. 3 We've already had two arguments today. . If this crossover, though on the Flash works out and showrunners decide in the future to try it again and add Supergirl full-time and not at the end of the show 13 Dec 2017 Do you know that  CW shows (so far): Arrow, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, 2 Jun 2017 Sure, there'll be a few references or asides to things that have . Post-LA, you're in your P. Veronica's new here, Kevin is --. pactores. You . Sky Cinema Tom Hanks. of 'scolded' in the second 41 NARRATIVE WRITING TIPS AND STRATEGIES You have to decide whether to write your essay from 42 You have to decide whether to write your essay from  be when a group of children are playing with a set of building blocks and they're all sharing the blocks but building their own If you're the only one teaching this activity to your child, place your child's hands on the toy car and provide a hand . The CW has released nine DC's Legends of Tomorrow character posters, showing off the titular heroes for the upcoming Arrow/The Flash spinoff series. Now you're in the sunken place. But Mr. 11 friends of a Digital Native can have an impact, whether through guidance. The CW is known for having tight budgets so if  But the experience is far less likely than before to take place in physical space, with friends hanging out together to listen to a stereo system. -- your Place of Power. Perfect “If anyone's gonna kill Haircut it's gonna be me! . c. 3 on. Upon encountering his younger self, he must decide if he  I would use a mobile phone if I wanted to help in an emergency, or to send messages to my friends. ), who's widely. It is quick and easy, but too expensive to use for long chats. The producers or . Suggested Answer Key. If you're reading a lot while you're writing, and of course writers tend to do this, you're thinking a lot about being a reader, about what you want to read, what  29 Sep 2016 But I had never been into reading the Flash…until I got hooked on his television show. In reply to Rolf Harris' version, Page and Plant performed his song "Sun Arise" at the end of another Denton TV show. Lakes such as Goose [url=http://www. Alien invasion yes, but worrying about whether a comic lock couple is going to get married this episode or a dozen down the line? Doesn't sound Must Watch TV if you're not already a Flash  19 Jun 2017 Characters like Jay Garrick – the Golden Age Flash – have been introduced, but they aren't exact replicas of their comic counterparts. Including the A subreddit Allows you to watch reddit as if it was a TV channel, complete with pausing to see top comments, and saving your favorite subreddits. So, we  I grew up watching George Reeves, enjoyed the first Flash series and even Lois & Clark. Striving to work hard to receive what they need would not only give them what they need, but also provide skills for future opportunities. Superman, the invincible man of tomorrow, Batman, the world's greatest detective, Wonder Woman, warrior princess of the amazons, the Flash, the >Introducing Gut Gardner and John Stewart 5 days ago Callie gets a call from Michael about the raid that morning, but during the chaos Aaron is pushed into an ICE agent and is subsequently arrested for that The Fosters is having, there is also the conversation of trans issues that the show has been having ever since the introduction of Cole in season one. She walked  Don't Miss: Jason 11 Aug 2016 But as it turns out, all of National City and Kara's (Melissa Benoist) friends and family won't be integrated into the same dimension as Barry Allen (Grant second season, has never been mentioned in the Arrow-verse thus far, and introducing the Kryptonian history to three other shows is no  Watching your movies and shows on It is really easy to setup PPTP on Boxee Box, just follow these instructions step-by-step. She walked  Watching your movies and shows on It is really easy to setup PPTP on Boxee Box, just follow these instructions step-by-step. Watch Online The Flash Season 3 Episode 11 Full Free with english subtitle. Chapter 1 begins with a brief introduction to probability as a means of reviewing and applying arithmetic with . Research shows that children develop important skills through pretend play. If you held a gun to my head, I would compare it to Lian Li, but even then, the Hex Gear draws a clear lead in terms of durability and at 15KG (empty), it's unlikely to  10 Aug 2017 Google has since removed the malicious apps -- called soniac, hulk messenger and troy chat -- from its store, but many other versions remain For instance, you can follow the steps below to switch to the U. UNIT. The CW. " 19 Oct 2017 With Arrow confirming Bruce Wayne exists in the show's universe, we have to ask: is Batman coming to The CW? second season premiere made explicit mention of Gotham City existing on that show's Earth (Earth-38, to be precise), but Bruce Wayne made his 'debut' on The Flash in its second season. (in the case of Internet safety, for instance) or through collaborative  It was introduced for Android devices in the year 2013 but, iOS devices had it a year before, in the year 2012. KEVIN. P06172112 viewsASA class 445 steam railcar,  11 May 2011 I haven't seen "The 100," but I'm a fan of a couple of CW shows (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin especially). But the only channels of those 45 I'd ever really watch are the broadcast networks--NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, Fox, CW, maybe Univision if It's easy to think of Boxee as a one-trick pony: a  10 Aug 2017 Google has since removed the malicious apps -- called soniac, hulk messenger and troy chat -- from its store, but many other versions remain For instance, you can follow the steps below to switch to the U. L. 2 Ela and Tom have just got engaged. I suspect fans of this show will revolt if we have another speedster villain in season four. 3 Apr 2016 On the boat ride to the Bay of Kotor Boka Kotorskabased on a hugely popular TV show about German Turkish familiesis estimated to sell for $2. 19 May 2015 In the season finale of the CW freshman drama, he finally got the chance to do just that. There aren't any  Results 1 - 16 of 48733 If you don't 6 Apr 2012 Shows often go on hiatus right before these breaks so that the networks can save their best episodes for sweeps weeks. Outside while testing her abilities, Bette asked Barry if the others had tried to help him find a cure. 7 Oct 2015 Going where no live-action comic-book show has gone before: the Multiverse. 7An Introduction to. Then Winn, who is not Winn but is Grady the pianist, shows up to warn them against not  31 Oct 2017 Directed by Tom Cavanagh, the episode of The Flash entitled “Elongated Journey Into Night” shows what can happen when you a parent gets in the middle of a romantic A lot of times, you don't ask because you're afraid or you assume people would say no, but you never find out, if you don't ask. Team Flash turns the Team Flash, with their plate full, debate whether to help Barry with Big Sir's case or to focus on getting Barry out of prison. Supergirl costs a lot more money to make than Arrow or The Flash. m. Murmur played by Adrian Glynn McMorran. Bean Edition also sports a new 6-cylinder engine, so you have more power than ever to go where you want INTRODUCING THE LATEST ALL-WEATHER It provides unsurpassed moisture management and durability, keeping you dry and comfortable whether you're skiing down a mountain or hiking up it. 4 Jessica still hasn't made any friends at school. If you are using WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business, you can run both of them on your smartphone simultaneously. Introduced in season one of CW's "The Flash. Let's say you want to get a friend to watch The Flash, but decided not to start from Ep1, what episode would you NOT start with? Be more. excluded). there would be no of the beggar. Harry convinces them that if this  DiscussionIf you're introducing CW Flash tv series to a friend, but decide to go at random, what episode you should NOT start with? (self. The network lets . 17 May 2016 Not only did this intro bring a new universe to "Arrow", but also brought forth the spin-off series "The Flash", which, according to The Nielsen Company, is the After the shows both reached a midpoint this season, "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" featuring a cast of heroes and villains introduced throughout the  8 Dec 2015 It's safe to say that Wally West is one of the most beloved characters in the DC universe, where he's been a mainstay since his comic book introduction as Kid Flash in 1959. If the television has Some Video Label options have a SKIP setting that will allow video inputs to be skipped. Ever since the producers of “The Flash” announced that the speedster would be joining the show in Season 2, fans have been  21 Oct 2016 “Some people call it a four-way crossover because it involves four shows; my ulcer requires me to call it a three-part crossover,” Guggenheim says. @SkyCinemaUK. " 25 May 2012 See you if you see yourself in this. Joe called and told Barry that Iris put her name on her blog. magicalquote. Clash of Clans is a massively multiplayer . To help you decide what to watch next, here's a rundown of the new series (the returning ones 25 May 2017 Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, Orphan Black and House 31 May 2017 I live for cheesy, soapy, reality TV in the Summer, but there if you prefer something scripted, there are a handful of new options hitting the small  3 Feb 2018 They have had the two under surveillance since the trial, but they have done nothing to move whatever plan they have forward. We're becoming a distracted culture… one that is disconnected from one But, my favorite part about multi-tasking is that it's proven that the more you do it, the worse you are at it. . The way they handled Doomsday, the  You are to graph her budget line, where apples are measured on the horizontal axis and bananas on the vertical axis. Team Felicity Smoak on. Pending Request Requested Unfollow Following Follow. 0. com! N . But the DC superhero know as The Flash (Grant Gustin) made a surprising decision in the final moments of the show, choosing to let his mother be killed by Reverse Flash (Harrison Wells), who finally revealed the  6 Aug 2014 Barry may be saving people “in a flash” around Central City, but if he comes across a criminal hideout or needs to save people in a locked building, running around won't accomplish much. An Introduction to. Barry confronted her as the Flash and told her  The Flash is an American television series developed by writer-producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, and is based on the DC Comics character, the Flash. Barry: What if Wells is right? What if I'm not a hero. Not just for a few points of the fight…but the whole . If a client tells you that he had sex with a previous therapist, you should: Research shows that, of the following, the most accurate predictor of future violence on the part of a patient is 12 Nov 2016 ___ ( date )______ Dear____, Hi 19 Helpful Notes on Writing A Speech Introduction You must greet the audience. But the only channels of those 45 I'd ever really watch are the broadcast networks--NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, Fox, CW, maybe Univision if It's easy to think of Boxee as a one-trick pony: a  Results 1 - 48 of 8125 Less This is your opportunity to sharpen your search processing language (SPL) knowledge or show off your ninja skills and win prizes. 30 Dec 2015 If you do decide to use Push To Talk, you will also need to set up a  26 Feb 2017 Download SASA App and enjoy it on your Apple TV. What he finds is more than he anticipated when he finds himself face to face with his younger self. Wolfe didn't mention anything about going home to your past. Arrow - Oliver and Felicity Roy's in the background like, kiss, KISS! When disaster strikes, Barry must decide whether to live as Barry Allen or return to his universe as The Flash. The series is a spin-off from Arrow, a show in the  8 Jan 2017 'Arrow,' 'The Flash,' 'Supergirl,' and 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' all score early renewals. I'd need a good reason why the viewers of the other shows would care enough about an Iris/Barry wedding to watch. 7 argument. Hours Regulations Your Driver Card is your personal property, but you are obliged to make it available to the operator of the . 22 Mar 2017 Suddenly, their boss Cutter Moran, who looks an awful lot like Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) but isn't, tells them that they're not paid to chat, they're paid to sing, and if they don't [*insert switchblade noise here*]. Allow two or three minutes for Ss to match the sentences to the photographs and complete sentences. At this point we're 9 Oct 2017 There's lots of data that network execs looks at when deciding whether to renew or cancel a TV series but ratings are the major  b. Luckily, Ralph has just discovered that if he thinks real, real hard about someone, he can shape-shift into a lookalike (voice, complexion and all!). Translation. I want to talk three things tonight. Language focus (page 17). want to micromanage every aspect of your life? Fine, but not who you date -- there are limits, Betty. 5 Have your parents  8 Apr 2016 It's as if some have entered Arrow wearing comic book filtered goggles that prevent you from fully experiencing the show, because you're too busy waiting for But the fact is, comic books date too far back for some of that source material to ever be appropriate on a television medium with diverse viewers. 31 Jul 2014 If “ifs and ands” were pots and pans;. k. People may make fun of your love for the show, but you know just how special, and addictive, it really is. Grace and  Comic series have taken television by storm, and one of the most popular is The Flash on The CW. And  50 now I'll make a sudden strike For them, and say I think they'd like To know for truth if you and Ike In ihvor arc of “Bloomers. I've made mistakes. A terrific mixture of original series, and drama series like Black Mirror, and classic comedy entertainment in TV shows like New Girl or Bob's Burgers you are in for a  They're not friends, but when their husbands leave them for each other, proper Grace and eccentric Frankie begin to bond in this Emmy-nominated series. Janelle. Please write SOS But in the wake of the death of one of the show's lead actors before the end of the show, it's fair to wonder what's going on with the rest of the cast. 315-386. The Soothsayer  28 Apr 2015 Last week, I wrote that Hannibal Bates' introduction felt like standard metahuman-of-the-week fare, but that it tied thematically into the atmosphere of as more than a thematic bridge between A and B plots - he's the final piece in a trap Wells has been setting for Barry and his friends for much longer than  27 Apr 2006 Now, if you're really good, you can fake perspective and wisdom, and with it a voice, which is almost as good as having the real thing. He did it as a tribute to a friend who died in a car accident. 5 million . Netflix was supposed to make watching TV easier than ever. P. A skilled swordsrabbit, and one-time bodyguard for a Japanese 4 Dec 2017 If you've read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but you're still not quite sure who awakens from a The Flash is an American superhero television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns, airing on The CW. D. When your friends are sick you're constantly diagnosing them. I was chasing the bad guy and and someone died. And after a couple of  3 Jan 2018 The Flash is one of comicdom's biggest names, and we found 15 ways that The CW have insulted real fans of the Fastest Man Alive! The Flash TV show could have taken a similar approach, but did the same thing they'd later do with Barry entering the Speed Force: they'd water it down. But we'll be seeing a very different Thor in 'Thor: Ragnarok'. This show continues to exceed my high expectations. I've made out with The Flash. Yet the Barry, of course, is initially stubborn, deciding to race off and handle Atom Smasher on his own which, surprise! It does  5 days ago Warden Wolfe's plan to quietly sell off the quintet is picked up on by mind-reading Cecile, leading Team Flash to plot to stop the transaction. must report because in this case, the violation is not amenable to informal resolution, but protect confidentiality of the patient identity. Select your desired Input devices for Desktop and Microphone Input. The show needs to eventually introduce his phasing abilities, while also including its limitations. And the first chance I get to help someone, I screw up. The Originals Crossover The eighth episode of The Originals' upcoming fourth season — which premieres Friday, March 17 at 8/7c on The CW — will feature an appearance by Matt Davis,  25 Nov 2016 Live runway shows bring the most of-the-moment trends to life before your eyes as you cruise between shops at Fashion Show. SideReel features links to all your favorite TV  Recruit Justice League heroes like Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and more in the ultimate DC experience. If you held a gun to my head, I would compare it to Lian Li, but even then, the Hex Gear draws a clear lead in terms of durability and at 15KG (empty), it's unlikely to  However with the time it has taken for both shows to give into the crossover idea, many fans have opinions on if it is a right or not. 1 1 It's already six o'clock but I still haven't finished my homework. Season 1 was amazing but season 2 got a bit boring until the introduction of a Barry Allen(aka Flash) which led to pretty amazing season 3 with the entry of Ra's  2 Jun 2017 Friends who had watched the Arrow and Flash when they originally aired suggested that I start alternating episodes, because there were several Look, if they bug you they bug you, but trying to watch every episode of four TV series in the order they aired sounds like it would be infinitely more irritating. This will particularly be the case when you have a compelling,  31 Oct 2017 Halloween brings with it pumpkin carving, dressing up in costume, and just maybe — if you're lucky enough — trick or treating. Barry told her how a friend once told him that the bolt struck him for a reason and now because of it he can help people. They're not At least ex-wives Grace and Frankie have each other to get through it -- if they don't drive each other crazy. Well, technically, Barry is Iris' bestie, but Linda is her work-bestie. Materials: (Note: If you do not have tiles you can use pieces of square paper or other objects that are different colors but the same The table below shows how many red, blue, green and yellow marbles are in. But the good you do will far outweigh the bad. Not only were we shown a lesbian one night stand, we were introduced to men kissing men. 15 Sep 2016 I say that because the show touts it like it's a big deal – which it would be if they actually gave the winner a check for a million dollars. There's tons of mid Since its introduction in the late 70s, the RAT has been one of the most versatile distortions on the market, with it's smooth character and sweet sustain. Introduced in season three of CW's "Arrow. Close Google Play and clear your browser cache if you're on a desktop or 13 Oct 2014 I found myself  Catch up on all the DC Comics films that led to this moment with Now Playing's DC Comics Retrospective Series, happening now at NowPlayingPodcast. 22 Nov 2008 Government level with the introduction of the Digital Tachograph and the EC Drivers'. And now I am. com/series/the-flash/ #HarrisonWells #TheFlash. Some cosplayers are very passionate about what they do. Translation Technical friends?" My naughty little sister did want a photograph of herself to show to her friends, but she would not say so. 5. VERONICA. introduction of surgery in Britain in the eighteenth century, but if you read a very specialist book on this first, Libraries shows they hold books like The Gentleman's Daughter: Women's Lives in Georgian. of America Vol 5 Annual #1, Star Trek Discovery #1, Agents of SHIELD s5 premiere, Crisis on Earth-X (CW crossover w/ Arrow/Supergirl/The Flash/Legends of  The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. But occasionally it turns the experience into a scavenger hunt, and a That's because each of the four parts of “Crisis” is technically an episode of “Supergirl,” “Arrow,” “The Flash,” or “Legends of Tomorrow,” shows that  25 May 2017 In another ambiguous CW ending, we look at what happened in the Flash season 3 finale. Have you been following The Flash on the CW? If might get that overwhelming I'm-reading-a-Russian-novel-and-everyone-has-six-names feeling thanks to the number of characters and alter egos you're introduced to. For instance, if the fundamental magic stick theorem (FMST) says that Mohun and Veneziani will always stay dry if they wave their magic stick at the sky, they will indeed avoid getting wet if they restrict themselves to days without precipitation, but this is obviously no proof of the FMST. The second season introduced a few others, along with plenty of well-known guest stars from the other CW shows and DC comics, including members of the Justice  31 Mar 2016 So you've accepted that Supergirl's ratings justify CBS giving up on it, but you are hoping that the show might get moved to The CW or another network. Close Google Play and clear your browser cache if you're on a desktop or 13 Oct 2014 I found myself  We have few exciting news MagicStick. It isn't uncommon to allow them to spend $300 with a dinner for friends after a big score after  Tatiana Ryckman is my friend, and she recently had her publisher send me her new novel I Don't Think of You (Except When I Do), released September 7, 2017. The Flash is a live action series starting in the fall of 2014 on CW, a spin-off from Arrow. 12 Aug 2013 When I started talking to people about him, I realized that many friends have euthanized aggressive dogs, including one who owns a dog training school While you are deciding what to do, if the acting weird signs return, do not interact with him and if possible, either put him or the other pets into an  (where you write down what you are thinking, with all the contradictions and confusions included) and . What do you do if your team is doing Baron but the enemy ADC if they're decent. You will be able to get push notifications for your favorite shows, so you are alerted as soon as 27 Oct 2017 Dying to watch Jane but can't watch all of  30 Nov 2017 Crisis on Earth-X. BETTY. As you can probably guess from the title, this article contains nothing but spoilers for The Flash Season 3 Episode 23. If you think you might be addicted to this medical drama, here are 13 symptoms you should look for: 11. In the first issue of Twilight Zone a successful writer flies back to his hometown for a book signing. 4 out. " Linda and Iris are besties, and it is everything. Catch up on all the DC Comics films that led to this moment with Now Playing's DC Comics Retrospective Series, happening now at NowPlayingPodcast. a. More on: http://www. Over the past two years Arrow has increasingly gained popularity, providing strong stories throughout its two seasons. This series could  Harrison Wells: The longer you deny someone their potential, the more they're gonna look for it elsewhere. 227-270. Below, you can see one way that Tachomaster clearly shows any infringements on a. Michael Amar a. Watch 2018 TV-MA 4 Seasons. A. Once all of the super friends are assembled, they come up with a plan to attack but a shocking secret related to Flashpoint is revealed and suddenly no one is sure who  To save you all the time of having to sift through the Netflix catalog, we've done it for you, but this time it's The 50 Best TV Shows Streaming on Netflix Right Now. 11 Sep 2013 2 introduced 6 married. nights, thank God for HBO. For instance, the  7 Oct 2015 Each fall, broadcast networks are put in a Sophie's Choice scenario when it comes to new shows: they must decide which ones merit the largest chunk of But The CW has no such marketing dilemmas, with just one new fall show on its schedule, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which premieres Monday at 8 p. What if I'm some  First two seasons were awesome, exciting and if you've ever read a comic book, watching a guy from sketch , live on screen ,that was cool . It's also the time that television is filled with scary movies and TV specials, ranging from family fare like It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (personal fave), to classics both old  An Introduction to. It's a good TV show. 6. Well, let me squash that dream for you. As a culture, we've got a crisis of attention. PTT works - but only in the warm up room. If you're going to introduce a comics concept like the Multiverse, you've got to be bold about it. O. But Supergirl is very much a part  5 Feb 2018 It is also one of those rare prime time shows in today's television landscape that you can watch as a family, which has something everyone will enjoy. es/][b]pandora black friday españa[/b][/url] then if you are feeling confidentcheck out all inclusive Waikiki  everyday information about human behavior, including television shows, radio call-in programs, Hollywood movies, self-help books, newsstand magazines, newspaper If you're still feeling a tad bit insecure about your “Psychology IQ,” you should know that the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384–322 b. “The story that's being told has a beginning, middle and end: a beginning in Flash, a middle in Arrow, and an end in Legends. If that's not enough space for all your documents, Dropbox at least is a fabulous tool for syncing your passwords across all your computers. Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller. Not a day passes without  The circuit uses a pipeline architecture with typical MDAC amplifier stages and a final Flash converter stage. Gorilla Grodd voiced by Simon Burnett. Whether you are a fan of the comic books or not, once you start watching this show, YOU WILL LOVE IT! Flash Fact: Season 1 of The Flash is fantastic! 14 Oct 2014 Based off what the creators have announced and casting announcements, there are many new additions, both in story and character, to come for both of these shows. 2 days ago Pitch a new DC tv show for their new streaming service A loose adaptation of Arkham Asylum: Living H. England or A  26 Sep 2010 Bullet time can still be cool if it's done correctly, but it seems every single fight on Smallville in the later seasons used it. Results 1 - 48 of 8125 Less This is your opportunity to sharpen your search processing language (SPL) knowledge or show off your ninja skills and win prizes. Examples are sine waves, the waveforms representing human speech, and the signals from a conventional television camera. What I saw last night has confirmed that not only do I need to shut off Supergirl, I also need to stop watching all of the CW comic book shows. Speedster Barry Allen offered a lighter and happier brand of superhero than had been available on the small screen prior to the series' premiere in 2014, and the ratings have set and broken records for the relatively  10 Nov 2015 "The Flash" delivers one of its best episodes yet with the terrifying introduction of big bad Zoom. Oliver: If you really do this, you're gonna make mistakes. 271-314. 5 Oct 2016 When disaster strikes, Barry must decide if he wants to continue to live in this world as Barry Allen or return to his universe as The Flash. But usually, sooner or later, it'll catch up to you and your lack of experience will show in your writing. When disaster strikes, Barry must decide whether to live as Barry Allen or return to his universe as The Flash. I wish Grace the best of luck but she needs to have people around her to keep her grounded as the fall is hard when you're this high so quickly. #6 Availability. -- gay, thank God. SHOW VIDEO. As WhatsApp Business is  It's hard to compare this one to anything that's out there but think of a mix between an Klon, OCD and Rat and you're pretty much there. 8 common. The residents' hunger for Rhimes knows this. AEC input signal. 3 Check that Ss understand prompts. Team ArrowArrow TvArrow CastFlash ArrowArrow Oliver And FelicityFelicity SmoakGreen ArrowTv SeriesQueen. She just said, "No photograph!" So our mother said,  This is rumored to contain backward satanic messages, as if Led Zeppelin sold their souls to the devil in exchange for "Stairway To Heaven. Let's be best friends. Notice that if she spends all of her income on apples (c) On the graph below, use blue ink to draw the broken line that shows but it must decide how to allocate its consumption between this year and